- Comercial Shootings


RosyOne for H&M

Before Party - Café SUD (Basel) from hmhome.




RosyOne for Swisscom



RosyOne for MTN Spraycans


Work on Demand:

Contact: rosy@rosyone.com



- Cloth Design


RosyOne for Cleptomanicx


- Webdesign


RosyOne for HolyWooly

Webdesign Illustration


- Flyers


RosyOne for RapHistory




RosyOne Flyers


- Paintings On Demand


RosyOne for HolyWooly

Trade Fair Painting at freestyle.ch




Stage Painting:

Concert Marley Marl & Craig G., Freestyle Session, Nothing But Flavor, Red Bull BC One ...



A selection of painted canvases and walls on demand




- Customized Clothes






- Individual Drawings


Drawings on demand (for Rappers, DJ's, Lovers, Labels, Radioshows, .... )




RosyOne for Kaahée (Bodyshop Event)

and on MTV - Freakish TV...

- Promotion


RosyOne for Nike at the Overkillshop, Berlin...

Promotion for the new Air Max 1 Ultra City



Wall on demand: Naestved, Danmark